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MCFIP Inc. represents the intellectual property of William (Bill) McFaul, founder, and chairman, The Center for Modeling Optimal Outcomes. 

Following an inadvertent discovery in 2005 by William McFaul and Michael Miller; Ph.D. relative to peptides (neuropeptides), their byproducts (neurohormones) and their existence in corollary relationships; MCFIP was formed as a life sciences modeling company. 

This website has been designed in a novel format; i.e. as a tutorial that uses hyperlinks to guide interested parties to peer-review studies or theories that can be verified independently by anyone with knowledge of basic biology. 

Note: Modeling of verifiable activities of peptides (aka neuropeptides) establishes the scientific foundation from which they can be verified as functioning as “one of the fundamental building blocks of life.” 

Subsequent to the initial discovery, Bill and his team of advisors made a series of findings relative to cellular physiology. It was at that point that Bill set aside his primary focus from enhancing the concept of clinical value analysis (CVA) to develop new paths to dramatically reduce clinical expenditures in healthcare. 

While working with the original team to create DRGs in the NJ “experiment,” McFaul participated in the non-labor phase. It was at this point that he pioneered CVA to reduce non-labor healthcare expenses. The concept was eventually applied in 1,700 hospitals in the US and Canada before the sale of his company (McFaul and Lyons Inc.) to Johnson and Johnson in 1997. 

During the period 2005 through 2018, in excess of 125,000 hours were dedicated to the development of an algorithmic model that encompassed the core principles of quantum mechanics/particle physics with the principles of biology. These efforts have resulted in the ability to provide computational biologists with independently variable tools for Quantum Computational Biology (QCB) modeling using quantum mechanics/particle physics. In the What We Have tab on this website, several links for Quantum Biology are provided for introduction and discussion purposes. 

This website provides information as an open source for healthcare executives, researchers and clinical practitioners who are focused on the prevention of chronic diseases or their cost-effective treatment. 

On January 1, 2019, the quantum biology algorithm was finalized and McFaul made the decision to rekindle the CVA concept to meet the needs of corporate entities that are providing self-funded healthcare insurance to their employees and beneficiaries. Many of the findings from quantum biology that meet the criteria in CVA by having been scientifically validated have been added to the portfolio of applications that reduce self-funded insurance costs. 

An explanation of CVA and a sampling of several applications are provided here for discussion.

Healthcare Expense Reduction

The scientific and technical findings highlighted throughout the website are not for sale. Instead, they are being offered in a Paul Allan/ Bill Gates/IBM-like strategic format whereby income to MCFIP’s non-profit foundation will not take place until the concepts are applied for use. 

Contact Bill McFaul for questions regarding any aspect of this website or to arrange for a telephone appointment: [email protected]